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21 ways your PETAA membership can expand your teaching practice in 2021

It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to leverage your connection to PETAA into meaningful support on your journey to improve outcomes for your students. Here are 21 ways your PETAA membership can help you get ahead in 2021.

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1— Confidently explore the language of climate change science

In our teaching and learning progressions (.pdf 1.7 MB) for Years 5–8, discover the language of climate change  with students across all primary year levels — and help them to become more environmentally conscious citizens.

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2— Learn how to revitalise your classroom library with culturally inclusive children’s literature

Use this PETAA Paper by Helen Adam and Laurie Harper as a guide to research-based, best instructional practice designed to assist teachers in selecting and using inclusive literature in the classroom.

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3— Try new, creative classroom writing exercises (recommended by one of our greatest children’s authors)

John Marsden, the educator and best-selling author, joined us for an exclusive free member webinar to share his favourite – tried and tested – writing exercises to use in the classroom. There are dozens of ideas in this webinar, and you’ll find plenty to implement in your own classroom.

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4— Discover best practices for teaching EAL/D students

Our latest book, An EAL/D handbook: teaching and learning across the curriculum when English is an additional language or dialect, starts with a thorough overview of EAL/D teaching and learning practice and then demonstrates that practice through observing seven different Australian classrooms. Members in December would have received the as part of their membership; if you’re new to PETAA, you can use your member discount to add the book to your resource collection.

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5— Find quality literature-based units of work for your year group or curriculum focus

The PETAA resource collection includes more than 300 units of work based on quality Australian literature, all free for members. Make your planning easier by searching our collections by year group or curriculum.

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6— Learn the best practices and approaches for creating your own units of work

Dr Lorraine Beveridge and Michael Murray have produced a series of resources for PETAA members that are designed to help teachers write creative, curriculum-linked units that explore the world of English, language and literacies through quality literature. Read their paper on the topic, then watch their two-part webinar series.

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7— Take a deep dive into the reading-writing relationship on your own schedule via 24 hour on-demand access to our 2020 online conference

The benefit of running our two-day, insight-packed conference from November online as well as face-to-face is that you don’t have to miss out at all: we’ve translated it to an online learning context. That means you can still attend the conference on demand — anytime, anywhere.

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8— Expand your approach to teaching First Nations literature, histories and cultures

Our Resources for Reconciliation page collects articles, essays and units of work designed to help you address with your students the cross-curriculum priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.

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9 Learn how to set up your classroom for success

In Where do I start?, literacy consultant Robyn Wild explores stimulating, literacy-rich ideas for setting up and maintaining your classroom and your teaching practice. An essential book for all new teachers, or teachers needing fresh inspiration, you can use your member discount to unlock new ideas and approaches (You could try this photo-rich text as an ebook)! Click here for an excerpt.

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10 Use your 35% discount on professional learning to learn new skills based on the latest research

Maybe you’re looking to support struggling readers in your classroom, study the possibilities of joint construction, explore play-based learning, or learn new ways to embrace multilingual voices in the classroom. PETAA professional learning covers these topics and more — why not register for a course?

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11 Find hundreds of creative exercise ideas linked by inclusive, progressive themes in our premium whole-school units of work

These units, created by Jennifer Asha, contain more than a hundred exercises plus summative assessment tasks that give whole schools a way, through great Australian literature, to explore the big questions of identity and our connections to community, and how our language shapes our worlds and our identities

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12 Enter exclusive giveaways and get extra information about the world of English: language, literacy and literature

By following PETAA on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn you will receive exclusive discount offers, see our latest giveaways, and you’ll receive links to rich reading material about the power of reading, literacy, and teaching.

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13 Create a reading community in your classroom

In this free member webinar, UK professor Sue Ellis shared her effective method for creating lively reading communities within classrooms. Transform your students’ approach to reading with her thoughtful, practical suggestions.

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14— Update your PETAA profile to receive relevant resources and offers

Tell us your location and your job title so that we can make sure that the information you receive is the information you need — we will send you curated resources, event invitations and news that relates to your work.

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15 Embrace technology by exploring the ways literacy learning intersects with AR technology

As AR becomes more present in our lives — from snapchat filters and Pokemon Go to Zoom backgrounds — this paper explores ways to teach English and literacy through story apps. PETAA has funded research on this topic and we’ll publish a book later in 2021 that takes a deep dive into the possibilities and how they have been used in classrooms across Australia.

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16— Sign up for curated resources to help keep your professional learning community on track

PETAA special deliveries, available at a discounted rate to our members, are resource packs designed to help whole teams explore a focus area together through shared readings and exercises, as well as some valuable consultation time (either face-to-face or remote) with a PETAA expert.

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17— Let us help you locate the resources you need

Sometimes you don’t have time to sift through pages of google results or even the pages on the PETAA website. That’s why we have a team of staff members dedicated to helping you locate the membership resources and professional development opportunities that best suit your needs. Contact us by phone or email to save yourself vital time in the lesson planning process.

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18— Try staff professional development with an expert who will speak to your unique school context

As a PETAA school member , you can sign up for tailored professional learning at a discounted rate. A PETAA-endorsed expert will work with your team either in-person or remotely to provide professional learning, development, and training in the areas your school needs: specific, customised, and collaborative.

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19— Embrace literacy across the curriculum

In our series of PETAA papers, free and open to all members, we have explored literacy outside of the traditional literacy block. Learn how literacy learning is integrated into mathematicsgeography and history.

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20— Try new exercises and approaches for teaching sentence grammar

Dr Rod Campbell has published nearly thirty academic texts all about teaching English language through the lens of grammar. His approach is deeply informed but still highly practical: his exercises are designed to make grammar easier for students and teachers alike. Watch him explain his favourite exercises in this free member webinar.

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21 Build out your professional resource library with award-winning, academic-approved texts

Three of our books have been recognised in the Educational Publishing Australia awards in the past two years: Teaching with intent 2Exploring how texts work (2nd edition), and The alphabetic principle and beyondUse your membership discount to read high quality research findings, tailored to the Australian school context.

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