Resources for Reconciliation

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Scroll down for units of work, articles and essays from PETAA that relate to the cross curriculum priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.

Classroom units of work

Ten book covers for books featured in the list below

Nanberry: Black Brother White

Date of Publication: 8/15/2012
In the teacher's guide to the 2012 CBCA shortlist: An Australian Curriculum: English based unit of work for Middle to Upper Primary featuring the focus text Nanberry: Black Brother White by Jackie French.

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Units in Global Words: English and Geography for Global Citizenship Education

Book covers and images from units of work featured in list below

Indigenous peoples: Stories to unite us

A unit of work for Years 3 and 4 to explore aspects of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, using the picture books You and Me: Our Place by Leonie Norrington and Dee Huxley and Yorta Yorta stories retold in Stories from the Billabong.

Indigenous peoples: People, place, language and song

A unit of work for Year 5 with texts that include music video clips and illustrated books through which concepts of place, language and song are explored as they relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their cultures.

Indigenous peoples: Ways of being

A unit of work for Year 8 to explore ideas of cultural identity and belonging, specifically Aboriginal identity through Aboriginal English, with The Binna Binna Man by Meme McDonald & Boori Monty Pryor, and Indigenous poetry and rap.

Essays and practical articles

PEN 093 — Aboriginal English

Date of Publication: 7/1/1995
In the series later re-named PETAA Papers, this PEN by Diana Eades focuses on issues for Aboriginal children and English language teaching in primary schools, including the language skills and strengths, and needs of Aboriginal children

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PEN 120 — Language tracks: Aboriginal English and the classroom

Date of Publication: 6/15/1999
In the series later re-named PETAA Papers, the purpose of this PEN by Lee Simpson, Geoff Munns and Sue Clancy is to encourage teachers of Aboriginal students to see how Aboriginal English is a pivotal element of their classroom relationships

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PEN 150 —Teaching students who speak Aboriginal English

Date of Publication: 9/22/2005
In the series later re-named PETAA Papers, this PEN by Yvonne Haig, Patricia Konigsberg and Glenys Collard explores the relationship and differences of Aboriginal English to Standard Australian English and the implications for teaching.

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PETAA PAPER 183 — Teaching EAL/D learners in Australian classrooms

Date of Publication: 5/25/2012
This PETAA Paper by Michèle de Courcy, Karen Dooley, Robert Jackson, Jenny Miller and Kathy Rushton covers the areas of identifying learners, the importance of oral language development, code-breaking instruction, vocabulary and comprehension ...

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Communication ecology

Date of Publication: 10/1/2013
Language as diversity and equity. With reference to the ‘communication ecology’ of the nation, Professor Joseph Lo Bianco reflects on diversity and equity as critical features of literacy in Australia.

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