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Teaching the language of climate change science

Julie Hayes and Bronwyn Parkin

We are seeing how climate change is strengthening our storms, wildfires and heatwaves. We need to join with others globally to take action and teachers have an important role to play in preparing students to act. Teaching the language of climate change science — supported by a rich array of online resources — will support you in facilitating the big conversations in the classroom — demonstrating how scientific concepts are developed through the language you use in class, and strategically handing over agency to your students.

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Also access the Teaching and learning progression for Pre-school to Year 8 published as a precursor to this resource.

Teaching the language of climate change science book

PETAA Resources on Sustainability


10 children's books that educators are loving in 2021

Posted on 9/06/2021
We asked our members which books for children they're loving and using in their classroom at the moment - and they delivered!


6 free resources for teaching climate change and sustainability

Posted on 18/04/2021
Resources that help teachers incorporate awareness of and information about climate change and sustainability within the literacy block


Teaching the language of climate change science extras

Posted on 13/04/2021
A rich array of online references and resources in book extras, including videos and interactive and downloadable classroom materials (including Year 8 assessments), focus text analyses for Chapters 3–8 (for teachers of Foundation to Year 8).


Teaching the language of climate change science

Posted on 2/03/2021
An on-demand webinar conversation with Julie Hayes, co-author of the PETAA Publication Teaching the Language of Climate Change Science, as she shares tips for introducing scientific language for young people and classroom examples of best practice.


5 ways schools across Australia are embracing environmental sustainability

Posted on 10/02/2021
Five Aussie schools share their tips for embracing environmental sustainability


The language of climate change science learning progression

Posted on 2/02/2021
In this teaching and learning progression, which spans from pre-school to Year 8, teachers will harness the potential of the science curriculum, and the sustainability cross-curriculum priority, to help their students design the future of the Earth.


The A–Z of Endangered Animals

Posted on 10/06/2017
A unit of work for Year 3 and 4, with links to Science, based on the book by Jennifer Cossins, shortlisted for the CBCA 2017.


Taking care of Earth together

Posted on 1/03/2013
This Global Words unit allows students in Y3-4 to explore issues that related to our shared responsibility.


Reading the landscape

Posted on 1/03/2013
An English for the Australian Curriculum unit with a theme of investigating the geographical world.


Global footprints

Posted on 1/03/2013
A Global Words unit of work to explore concepts around living sustainably, using a range of texts.


Save one island, save them all

Posted on 1/03/2013
An English for the Australian Curriculum unit on Macquarie Island and the text One Small Island.


Investigating eggs in stories and science

Posted on 1/03/2013
An English for the Australian Curriculum unit that links themes of family with study of life cycles.


Nanberry: Black Brother White

Posted on 15/08/2012
In the teacher's guide to the 2012 CBCA shortlist: An Australian Curriculum: English based unit of work for Middle to Upper Primary featuring the focus text Nanberry: Black Brother White by Jackie French.