PETAA Face-to-Face Workshops

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F2F: Let's write an English unit with textual concepts
(IN PERSON New South Wales, NESA accredited) Presented by Dr Lorraine Beveridge and Michael Murray, this practical course will show teachers how to write quality syllabus-based English units of work, utilising English Textual Concepts (ETCs), while still attending to the literacy and language needs of their students.  This course utilises the concept-based approach to program design. A seven-step process for developing quality units is adapted from the work of Wiggins and McTighe... Details
When: September 9, 2022
Where: Whalan, NSW
F2F: Contemporary perspectives on teaching spelling
Presented by Dr Tessa Daffern.  Research provides evidence that learning to spell does not proceed in linear stages, and that instruction in spelling should involve multiple linguistic skills and strategies from the early years of learning to write. Learning to spell requires explicit and differentiated instruction in the phonological, orthographic and morphological components of spelling. Successful instruction in spelling is underpinned by quality assessment procedures and involves ... Details
When: November 3, 2022
Where: Newtown, NSW
F2F: Building vocabulary
(IN PERSON New South Wales, NESA Accredited) Presented by Annette Gray.  A broad, rich and constantly growing vocabulary is a powerful component of students’ literacy and learning success. The correlation between vocabulary knowledge and literacy success is well-established, with vocabulary responsible for up to 80% of comprehension. Successful instruction is that which has as its primary goal the understanding of new concepts, not just new words (Nagy 1988), and is context and... Details
When: November 17, 2022
Where: Whalan, NSW