Conversations about Text 2: Teaching Grammar, Factual Texts

Conversations about Text 2: Teaching Grammar, Factual Texts

Joanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton

Conversations About Text 2: Teaching grammar using factual texts is a companion to Conversations About Text 1: Teaching grammar using literary texts. This book focuses on teaching grammar in the context of factual texts in the primary and middle years, but different to the earlier book, the chapters in this book are organised around genres rather than grammatical features: Describing, Instructing, Recounting, Explaining and Persuading. Teaching grammar should always be in the context of developing skills and understandings about reading or writing so the authors have taken a practical, text-based approach. It will be possible to use this book in several ways as each chapter is further divided into these sections: Linking Talking and Listening to Reading and Writing; Building the field -technical vocabulary; The development of oral language; Theme and Nominalisation, Modelled Texts; Strategies for Reading and Writing and Joint Construction. Important terms are also highlighted and explained in a section called The Last Word at the end of the book. You can read about aspects of literacy; literacy strategies or how whole texts are read or developed and browse through examples developed by teachers on familiar topics and subject matter.

This book also reflects the Australian Curriculum: English, embedding the teaching of grammar as part of knowledge about Language to be taught alongside knowledge about Literacy and Literature.

Sample chapter

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Intended audience

  • Classroom teachers
  • Literacy leaders
  • Curriculum, Instructional and Pedagogy leaders
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