Six free resources for teaching climate change and sustainability through English, literacies and language


We are seeing how climate change is strengthening our storms, wildfires and heatwaves. We need to join with others globally to take action against climate change.

Teachers have an important role to play in preparing students to do just that. 

Below, we have rounded up 6 free resources and materials for teachers that they can use to have important conversations with their students. Through the lens of English and literacies, with a focus on language, access these resources to support you as you explore scientific topics and concepts in the classroom.

1— Teaching and learning progression: Teaching the language of climate change science (Pre-School - Year 8)

In this teaching and learning progression, which spans from pre-school to Year 8, teachers will harness the potential of the science curriculum, and the sustainability cross-curriculum priority, to help their students design the future of the Earth.

>  View the teaching and learning progression

2— Chapter: Why teach about climate change?

Chapter one of this essential text explores the rationale for a climate change progression in the classroom that aims to support both teachers and students in making the links between climate change and science at an appropriate understanding for each year level. Read the chapter here.

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2—Focus text analyses: Teaching the language of climate change science by Julie Hayes and Bronwyn Parkin 

These analyses of specific focus text areas in Teaching the language of climate change science help break down how the language of science has been structured for each appropriate age group.

> Access the text analyses for: Chapter 3 (Preschool), Chapter 4 (Foundation), Chapter 5 (Years 1 and 2), Chapter 6 (Years 3 and 4),  and Chapter 7 (Years 5 and 6) and Chapter 8 (Years 7 and 8) in PETAA Book Extras for Teaching the language of climate change science.

3— Book list: 32 books for children on climate change and sustainability

Teacher librarian Vicki Newton’s list rounds up all the information you need to know about each of the books, who they're suitable for, and what they cover. These books support teaching about climate change and sustainability for Early Years and Primary Years Students.

> Find the Recommended books in PETAA Book Extras for Teaching the language of climate change science .

4— Book list: 10 books for teachers on climate change and sustainability

Here are 10 recommended readings for teachers about climate change and sustainability for teachers, compiled by teacher librarian Vicki Newton.

>View the recommended reading list

5— Inspiration: 5 ways schools across Australia are embracing environmental sustainability 

We asked the teaching community to share the ways their school is embracing environmental sustainability: it’s encouraging to see schools from across Australia putting in the work every single day to model sustainable behaviours for their students.

> See how schools are embracing sustainability

6— Webinar: In conversation with Julie Hayes, author of Teaching the language of climate change science

Join us in conversation with Julie Hayes as she shares tips for introducing scientific language for young people and classroom examples of best practice. We’ll touch on actions teachers can take in their own classrooms to be more sustainable.

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