PP219: Exploring Explanations: the why and how of things

PP219: Exploring Explanations: the why and how of things
Why is the sky blue? How do cars work? Where do butterflies come from? Where does electricity come from? What causes bushfires?

Humans are naturally curious. For centuries, we have sought to better understand how our world works. It is comforting to have an explanation for natural phenomena. It provides order in what might seem to be a chaotic world. You know that the sea is salty because there is big salt cellar grinding away on the bottom of the ocean that fell off a ship; that the sun rises and moves because the Greek god Helios pulls it across the sky every day. All cultures have ‘stories’ of how things were created or why things happen. More recently, we look for explanations of how materials, technology and machines work as well. We also want to explain how natural phenomena occur.
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Katina Zammit
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