EAL/D: Diving deeper

EAL/D: Diving deeper

About the bundle

This comprehensive EAL/D support resource pack for your professional staff or personal library ensures any EAL/D specialist, or primary educator with EAL/D students in their classroom or school, is prepared and supported in providing the best possible learning outcomes for those students. These books and papers provide the latest in research behind teaching and learning for EAL/D students, along with a multitude of classroom examples, pedagogical strategies, case studies, templates and more.

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Intended audience

  • EAL/D Leaders/Specialists/Coordinators
  • Classroom teachers
  • Literacy Leaders
  • Head of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Head of Curriculum, Instruction and/or Pedagogy
  • Teacher educators

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    An EAL/D handbook, Helen Harper, Susan Feez
    Teaching English language learners in mainstream classrooms, Margery Hertzberg
    Transforming practice: Transforming lives through diverse children's literature, Helen Adam
    Classrooms of possibility, Jennifer Hammond, Jenny Miller
    PP183: Teaching EAL/D Learners in Australian Classrooms, M de Courcy, K Dooley, R Jackson, J Miller, K Rushton
    PP193: Asian- Australian children’s literature, K Mallan, D Henderson, A Cross, C Allan
    PP205: Educating for values & diversity through culturally inclusive children’s literature, Helen Adam, Laurie Harpe
    PP210: Using children's picture books to support the English language learning of students for whom English is an additional language or dialect, Janet Fellowes, Edith Cowan University
    PP213: My language is in my heart and my head, J Dutton, J D’warte, J Rossbridge, K Rushton

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