eBook - Teaching the language of climate change science

eBook - Teaching the language of climate change science

Teaching the language of climate change science

Julie Hayes and Bronwyn Parkin

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We are seeing how climate change is strengthening our storms, wildfires and heatwaves. We need to join with others globally to take action against climate change. Teachers have an important role to play in preparing students to do just that.

Teaching the language of climate change science will provide you with the support to facilitate these big conversations in the classroom — demonstrating how scientific concepts are developed through the language you use and strategically handing over to your students. It makes the links between the Australian Curriculum: Science and the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority, with a focus on developing students’ oral and written language. It includes reliable resources and examples, including focus texts that identify the important language students will need to master – with additional activities and inquiries to guide their learning.

The text includes important actions that you and your students can take to help mitigate climate change, empowering students of all ages to make a difference.

In PETAA Book extras for this title you will find a rich collection of online references and supplementary resources, including videos and interactive and downloadable classroom materials (including Year 8 assessments) and focus text analyses for Chapters 3–8 (for teachers of Foundation to Year 8).

Our first whole school teaching units (available only for members) for 2021 also explore the critical issues of climate change and caring for our planet. Our specially commissioned whole school units of work provides weeks’ worth of ideas and activities you can implement in the classroom, either over the course of a term, or in just 1–2 lessons.

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Julie Hayes and Bronwyn Parkin
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