Beverly Derewianka bundle

Beverly Derewianka bundle

This fabulous value book bundle brings together grammar guru Beverly Derewianka's best-selling texts: Exploring how texts work (2nd edition) and A new grammar companion for teachers (3rd edition).

About the books

A new grammar companion for teachers (3rd edition) is an indispensable reference and guide for both primary and secondary teachers, providing reassurance and support for educators as they introduce students to the fascinating workings of grammar.

Exploring how texts work (2nd edition) investigates how different genres of text work to achieve their purposes. We venture beyond the surface, into the structure and language features of different genres, and explore how they make meaning. Our quest is to find useful ways of talking about language in the classroom and to use this common understanding to compose effective texts.

Intended audience

  • Pre-service teachers
  • Early career educators
  • Classroom teachers
  • Literacy Leaders
  • These titles can be purchased separately by following these links:

    Exploring how text work 2nd edition , Beverly Derewianka
    A new grammar companion for teachers 3rd Ed, Beverly Derewianka

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