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Celebrating Literature

 Celebrating Literature

RRP: $162.35 $105.00 (with free postage)
Explore literary text types and their features.

 Teaching the early years

RRP: $65.95 $39.00 (with free postage)
Critical developmental aspects of early literacies instruction.

 Grammar: the essentials

RRP: $84.90 $67.00 (with free postage)
The two essential grammar classics.

A New Grammar Companion

 Literacy through the arts

RRP: $93.90 $57.00 (with free postage)
Best-practice instruction for literacy through the arts.

An EAL/D Handbook cover

 Language of Science

RRP: $93.90 $69.00 (with free postage)
Support students to engage in scientific language. 

 A deep dive into Grammar

RRP: $185.80 $125.00 (with free postage)
Strategies and support for teaching grammar in context.

 Exploring texts/Working with texts

RRP: $138.85 $89.00 (with free postage)
Examine mentor and model texts, text types and genres.

Writing essentials

 Writing: the essentials

RRP: $119.85 $79.00 (with free postage)
The three ‘big picture’ books for teaching writing.

EAL/D essentials

 EAL/D: the essentials

RRP: $89.90 $65.00 (with free postage)
Suggestions for teaching students from diverse backgrounds.

New teacher essentials pack

 New teacher essentials pack

RRP: $216.75 $139.00 (with free postage)
Your roadmap for English and literacies teaching.

Converations about texts: Teaching grammar using Literary Texts

 A deep dive into Writing

RRP: $290.65 $195.00 (with free postage)
Expand your school's knowledge of teaching writing.

EAL/D: diving deeper

 A deep dive into EAL/D instruction

RRP: $197.80 $139.00 (with free postage)
A library of resources for working with EAL/D students.