School-based Professional Learning

Did you know that PETAA can organise tailored professional learning just for your school or a community of schools?

PETAA consultants work with school leaders across Australia to design and provide relevant, targeted and evidence-based professional learning, in-person and online, to improve the teaching and learning of English, literacies, and language in primary classrooms and schools. We can provide assistance with planning and implementing effective literacy strategies, and support for diverse learners.

Benefit from PETAA’s vast network of educators, consultants, and pedagogical leaders to transform student outcomes

Why choose tailored PL?

  • PETAA works closely with leading academics, education consultants and exemplary classroom practitioners to deliver high-quality professional learning experiences.
  • You can liaise with the presenter to get exactly the PL your staff and school needs.
  • The PL can be tailored to your school context and your students.
  • Groups of teachers actively engaging in PL at the same time allows for consistency in pedagogy and planning, providing an opportunity to develop a rich Professional Learning Community within your school.
  • PETAA PL is supported by quality publications and resources.

What topics can we cover?

  • Writing an English unit using English textual concepts
  • Building teacher capacity in teaching Language
  • Improving teacher and student knowledge in Grammar
  • Explicit practices for teaching all forms of Writing
  • Understanding and investigating a variety of text types
  • The latest pedagogy for Spelling
  • Building student knowledge of Visual Literacy
  • Strategies for developing Vocabulary
  • Best practice ways to organise the English/literacy block
  • Strategies for effective reading instruction
  • Using quality children’s literature

A school-based vocabulary PL session in the NSW city of Orange

Who can be involved?

  • Individuals, small teams, or your whole staff
  • School clusters
  • Teacher network groups
  • Specific focus teams- year or stage teachers, school leadership teams, curriculum planning groups

How does PETAA deliver?

  • Full day or half day workshops
  • Staff meeting presentations
  • An ongoing series of school-based workshops or mentoring
  • Online moderated or unmoderated courses
  • Blended learning combination of our online and face to face options
  • Workshops with relevant PETAA resources provided as part of an integrated professional learning package

Contact us to ask questions or make a booking:

Tina Bambagiotti
Professional Learning Officer


1300 307 382 | (02) 8020 3912

Angelica Stodart
Events Coordinator


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Helen Carmody
Head of Professional Learning


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