“I was really happy working with the PETAA expert as the needs of OUR school were at the fore front of her mind.”

Get ready for your curriculum and school wide professional learning days now: PETAA is taking bookings for 2024 and 2025 dates. 

Empower your teachers and enhance student outcomes with tailored professional learning from PETAA. Evidence supports that the best professional learning happens at the school level, which is why we invite you to bring a PETAA expert into your school to work directly with your teachers on your specific goals and priorities.

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Flexible options to suit your teachers, your school, and your needs.

  • Our professional learning sessions are available in person, via Zoom, or in a blended delivery format, ensuring flexibility and accessibility. We can create a program of self-paced courses supported by in-person or live online expert workshops, allowing your teachers to learn at their own pace while receiving expert guidance.
  • Our focus is on meeting the individual needs of teachers and aligning with whole-school priorities and expectations set by systems, sectors and state authorities. We understand that teachers and school leaders in Australia are highly dedicated to professional learning, with a focus on planning and implementing effective teaching and learning, teaching strategies, and developing content knowledge.
  • By booking a PETAA expert, you'll not only provide valuable learning opportunities for your teachers but also support the continuous improvement of pedagogical practice in your school community. Let's work together to build a professional growth culture that empowers teachers to excel and students to thrive.

Areas of expertise:

  • Selecting and using quality texts to teach across the curriculum
  • Teaching grammar in context
  • Explicit and authentic teaching of writing
  • Contemporary perspectives on teaching spelling
  • Teaching phonics using authentic literature
  • Building vocabulary in F-6 classrooms
  • F-2 structured literacy teaching and music
  • Writing an English unit using textual concepts
  • Supporting student agency in the literacy classroom

A school-based vocabulary PL session in the NSW city of Orange

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