Early Childhood courses

Both the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Australian Curriculum recognise that personal and social competence, health and wellbeing and literacy and numeracy should be core focus areas for young children’s learning. Students bring to school a wide range of experiences, abilities, needs and interests, even at these very young ages, and they have a natural curiosity. Their desire to make sense of the world provides a platform to plan and review their learning through interactions with others, experimentation, scaffolding, explicit teaching, practice and play in the classroom and beyond. 

These PETAA courses reference the Foundation – Year 2 English curriculum and focus on listening, reading, viewing, speaking and writing activities for various purposes and contexts – while also supporting students to create and enjoy a range of literature

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2023 ONLINE: You're teaching Kindergarten? 2 - Reading
Presented by Robyn Wild.  Creating readers in Kindergarten/ Foundation. Will you be teaching Foundation/Kindergarten in 2022? Perfect for all Foundation/ Kindergarten and Early Childhood teachers, this a series of three short workshops which can be completed as a series or as single events.

When: March 20 – April 10, 2023
2023 F2F: Multilingual Storyboxes in Early Childhood classes
Multilingual Storyboxes in early childhood classrooms 
Presented by: Kim Cootes and Dr Gill Pennington   
Thursday 30 March 2023 (4pm-6:30pm AEDT)

About the workshop:
Need an introduction to EAL/D pedagogy? Start here! Investigate the value of stories as vehicles for language and literacy development in EAL/D learners, especially when accompanied by opportunities to ... Details
When: March 30, 2023