PETAA Strategic Plan 2023–2025

VISION: A vibrant community of empowered and engaged teachers, leaders and students of English.

To achieve our desired vision and outcomes, PETAA’s 2023 – 2025 Strategic Plan adopts three priorities. These are detailed below, along with how we will deliver these. 

Building our understanding - building our community's knowledge and understanding of quality English curriculum, pedagogy and assessment

Actions will include:

  • The informed creation of a clearly documented, evidence-informed model of English teaching at the classroom and school level
  • Publishing and financially supporting publications and research that continues to build an understanding of evidence-based teaching strategies
  • Supporting/empowering schools to determine their specific professional learning needs and meeting those needs where possible

Building our community - fostering an engaged community of teachers across professional learning, shared interests and teaching achievements

Actions will include:

  • Professional forums for teachers and school leaders to build their understanding of the evidence-informed approaches, addressing competing understandings, and supporting decision-making (including differentiated support between teachers, instructional leaders and school leaders)
  • Collating, sharing, promoting and celebrating excellent work already occurring in schools aligned to PETAA’s model of English teaching
  • Continuing to strengthen our collaborations with like-minded organisations within English, literacy, primary education and other related fields, including other industry bodies, government departments, educational bodies and others
  • Expanding PETAA’s network and range of activities on a national scale 

Building our voice - ensuring primary teachers are a recognised, professional body who are experts in their field

Actions will include:

  • Advocating to all levels of the education system nationally, to raise awareness of the critical agency of the teacher in the classroom 
  • Working with government departments and curriculum bodies to work towards a cohesive and clear model of English teaching in primary schools