Teaching the early years

Teaching the early years
Are you working in early learning or the early primary years? These texts have been hand-picked just for you. Each one explores the critical developmental aspects of early English and literacies instruction – building the foundations of talking, listening, reading, writing, and creating.

The Alphabetic Principle and Beyond: Surveying the landscape, by Robyn Cox, Susan Feez, Lorraine Beveridge
Early reading and music partnership , by Lorri Beveridge
PP204 Building bridges: Dramatic dialogue in early childhood by Annette Harden
PP206 Developing early language and literacy with literature by Jon Callow, Robyn Ewing, Kathy Rushton
PP192 Grammar in the Early Years: A games-based approach by Imogene Cochrane, Amelia Reece, Katie Ahearn, Pauline Jones

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