Put it in Writing: Context, text and language

Put it in Writing: Context, text and language

Joanne Rossbridge and Kathy Rushton

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Discovering how texts work: Context, text and language has as its central focus the idea that knowing how to compose texts for a range of purposes and audiences is central to expressing ideas in all subject areas.

In this book a carefully selected group of imaginative, persuasive and informative texts, suitable for use across the primary years, are deconstructed and presented as starting points for students to compose a range of different types of texts for different purposes.

The aim of this book is to provide models, guides and processes for teachers and their students to give serious and careful thought to work with and reflect on texts valued within educational contexts. Such thought can be fostered in classrooms as conversations are initiated, developed and extended around contexts, texts and their features through students responding to the texts of others and reflecting on their own texts to develop and enhance their own compositions across contexts and modes.

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Joanne Rossbridge & Kathy Rushton
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