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What happens when you purchase an ePub of a book that you receive as part of your membership?

Professional Members automatically receive print copies of four brand new books published during each 12 months of membership. They also now have the option of requesting the ePub version of the same books as they are released. Please email [email protected] if you wish to be sent the ePub version download links.

A digital member or purchaser will be sent automatically the links to ePub versions of the text. These links will expire in 10 days and each link is good for a total of three downloads. The notes below are sent with that same email and you are advised to read them carefully before attempting to download your ePub.

We strongly advise that you have Adobe Digital Editions (or other similar software) downloaded on your PC or Mac before attempting to download the ePub. The Adobe software is a free program a link is included in the notes below (which you will see again in the email sent you).

Notes on receipt of your PETAA ePub

  • Download link(s) for the ePub will be available for 10 days and you can download the file(s) a maximum of three times over different devices.
  • On an iPad, the file will store in iBooks and/or be readable in the Kindle app.
  • On your Mac or PC the file(s) should be readable by the (previously) installed ePub reader software.
  • If you do not have previously installed ePub reader software, we suggest you download Adobe Digital Editions onto your PC and Mac before you commence the file download.

Download Adobe Digital Editions

Please email [email protected] should you have any queries regarding the above.


All publications (digital and printed) are the copyright of PETAA or are reproduced with permission from other copyright owners. All rights are reserved. E-publications may be retrieved and downloaded solely for personal use. PETAA prohibits the reproduction, distribution, re-transmission or modification of the Content, whether in electronic or hard copy form, without PETAA's prior written permission.