The potential of the visual: Teaching literacy with multimodal texts

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by Jennifer Asha

Cover illustration by Shaun Tan

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Images can tell stories, convey information and persuade viewers in complex and sophisticated ways. To be literate is about more than being able to read printed text; it is also about closely viewing, deeply understanding, meaningfully engaging with and critically responding to visual texts. The potential of the visual: Teaching literacy with multimodal texts gives teachers the knowledge they need to teach their students to become active, aware and critical viewers.
This multilayered book will help teachers understand visual text construction and raise their knowledge and practice in using the potential of visual, multimodal texts.

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Chapter 2


A new gemini: E-Boy About the book

About the book


About the book

 National Reconciliation Wee 2022 poster  See the poster


Chapter 3


Antarctica: The melting continent About the book

About the book

Exploring soils: A hidden world underground

About the book

 'First 1000 days' Watch
 Found About the book
 Hold on! Saving the spotted handfish About the book
 Landcare Australia About Landcare
 'Mog's Christmas calamity' Watch 
 'No nos versus na nas': Australian bananas advertisement Watch
 Plantastic! A to Z of Australian plants About the book
 The ice sea pirates About the book
 The rabbits About the book 


Chapter 4


Found About the book


Chapter 6


Busy beaks About the book
The small blue dot

About the book


Chapter 7


Iceberg About the book
Ocean food chain (ecology)

Visit page

The Bad Guys trailer


'What Rosie hears' Watch
 Who am I? About the book


Chapter 8


Action tank About the book
Explpring soils: A hidden world underground

About the book


Chapter 9


Dragon skin About the book
Elena Kats-Chernin's music, Australian music centre

DIscover the music

How to make a bird

About the book

 NextSense Visit the resource
 Ocean food chain Visit page 
 The rabbits About the book 
 The Shepherd Centre  Visit site
 Walking Gaudju Country About the book