Transforming Practice: Transforming lives through diverse children’s literature by Dr Helen Adam

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As our schools and communities become more diverse, teachers need supportive strategies, informed by clear evidence, to build equitable classrooms. Transforming practice: Transforming lives through diverse children's literature outlines a guide for teachers in creating a learning environment that is underpinned by diverse and inclusive literature – and won’t add further layers of complexity to their daily workloads.

Dr Helen Adam, the author of this wonderful book, opens the first chapter with the line ‘I think I was destined to be a lover of children’s literature’. It is clear to me that she is that and much more – because this book is much more.
Emeritus Professor Colleen Hayward AM

Please see below for additional resources, guides, recommendations and reading references to help you carry the insights from the book into daily teaching practice.

Recommended: quality texts for teaching diverse children's literature

A list of all recommended texts from Transforming practice: Transforming lives through diverse children's literature

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Additional resources by chapter: further reading, tools and frameworks, checklists and sources

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The following resources assist educators with some more-targeted diverse resources.

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature can be accessed through Magabala Books, IAD Press, Aboriginal Studies Press, UWA Publishing, BlackWords and Batchelor Institute Press.
• The State Library of NSW has a searchable diverse picture book collections.
• AustLit provides a range of suggestions for children's and young adult fiction.
• The National Centre for Australian Children's Literature website hosts two searchable resources: the Cultural Diversity Database and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resource. These are updated as new texts are added.
• The Henry Parkes Centre in NSW hosts an equity resource library.
• LoveOzYA actively promotes diverse books for young adults on its Diversity in YA Text page, as well as a range of book lists including ‘Migrant Voices’ and ‘First Nations’.