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A collaboration between PETAA and the Victorian State Government.


As part of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series, PETAA Young Writers Program VIC is a bespoke initiative that connects published children’s authors with government-owned schools in Victoria, to deliver tailored workshops and mentoring for high-ability pupils (Years 1–8) and teachers on the subject of Writing.

Since we launched in July 2020 we have connected over 2000 children across Victorian schools with published children's authors, through inspiring, informative and technically challenging writing workshops.

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Already students have been involved in online workshops with renowned children's authors, such as Sue Murray, Susanne Gervay, Sue Whiting, Irena Kobald, Deb Abela, Paul Stafford, Alan Wright and Oliver Phommavanh.  

I would like to thank the teachers for giving me an opportunity like this, and it is an experience I will remember forever.

Year 6 student

Young Writers, Victoria authors (left to right) Deb Abela, Irene Cobald, Sue Gervay, Sue Murray, Oliver Phommavanh and Sue Whiting

Above: PETAA Young Writers Program VIC authors (left to right) Deb Abela, Irene Kobald, Susannee Gervay, Sue Murray, Oliver Phommavanh and Sue Whiting

The core element of this program is the school-writer collaboration where groups of students engage in activities and mentoring with a published children’s writer. This can be on a single school basis or with many students from various different schools.

I really enjoyed the writer's workshop and would love to do it again. It was really fun to talk to people from other schools.

Year 5 student

In addition to this engagement, participating schools, teachers and students will also be provided access to a program of webinars: PETAA Young Writers Group. This online series will be held monthly, and each session will feature a children’s author and/or writing expert, who will present on strategies, tips, methods and inspiration for children who are gifted writers. Schools would receive one year’s access to the webinars, post-workshop.

Schools who host face to face workshops will also receive a pack of quality children's books. In all Young Writers Program VIC book packs, at least 20% of titles will be written and/or illustrated by a First Nations author or illustrator. At least 10% of titles will be from writers of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

I LOOOOVED this workshop. It introduced me to new topics, such as, planning (which I used to not like doing) and creating character profiles. I would really like to do it again.

Year 5 student