Staff Meeting Seminars

Launching as a live series in 2022, Staff Meeting Seminars are a brand new way to save time while still learning best practice tips, tricks, and strategies from the best of the best.

Each seminar is designed to complement and uplift your internal professional learning. Use your staff/cohort meeting times to upskill those professional learning communities!
PETAA Staff Meeting Seminars are:

  • Illustrations of best practice that connect theory and research with classroom 
  • Targeted to specific areas of need
  • Designed for whole school group/cohort/cluster viewing as a shared experience
  • A tool for encouraging professional conversations between staff
  • A cost-effective way to access quality professional learning

Upcoming dates:

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Presented by Dr Helen Adam. What we put in front of children matters! Selecting literature for the general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities. This workshop will explore criteria for evaluating, selecting and embedding high quality inclusive children's literature into the primary and early childhood curriculum. Participants will evaluate a wide selection of children's literature using two evidence based checklists developed by the  author of Transforming Practice :... Details
When: August 4, 2022