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PETAA and Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) announce new partnership

Published: 16 May 2018

Today, Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA) is pleased to announce they will partner with the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) for the benefit of teachers and educators across Australia.

CBCA and PETAA both embrace the importance of the continuing development of quality Australian children’s literature and acknowledge the important role it plays in teaching children to read and write. To assist in that endeavour, PETAA and CBCA have identified several opportunities to support each other in their missions, and to help connect their respective members to a wider array of services, resources, and professional learning opportunities.

PETAA General Manager Wendy Rapee said, “The Children’s Book Council of Australia, through their Book of the Year Awards and other initiatives, is a respected and vital voice in celebrating and recognising quality children’s literature.

“PETAA is a long time champion of quality literature as the lynchpin for engaging children learning to read and write – and has always looked to the CBCA Book of the Year Awards to assist teachers identify exemplar texts. Each year our writers create units of work with these texts because we can do so with confidence knowing they have been judged as high quality. This partnership is a demonstration and progression of our commitment to bringing that quality into the classroom,”said Rapee.

President of PETAA, Associate Professor Robyn Cox further commented “This agreement formalises a long term strong relationship between the two associations which augers well for English literacy outcomes in primary schools.”

CBCA National Chair, Professor Margot Hillel OAM said, “We are delighted to work with PETAA to ensure we continue to engage the community with literature for young Australians. Primary school educators play a critical role in developing children’s literacy and fostering a love of literature in the early years of education.”

“Through our much-loved CBCA Book Week and the CBCA Book of the Year Awards, the Children’s Book Council of Australia has a long history of supporting children’s literature by working with educators and the publishing community to acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful creativity of our authors and illustrators.”

For more information contact:
Wendy Rapee (General Manager) | (02) 8020 3900 | [email protected] For Margot Hillel: Kate Flamsteed | (07) 3842 9120 | [email protected]


PETAA, The Primary English Teaching Association Australia, is a national, not-for-profit professional association supporting primary school educators in the teaching and learning of English and literacies across the curriculum. PETAA’s purpose is to build the knowledge, capacity and resources of teachers and schools to create confident, skilled, best-practice educators in the area of language, literature and literacy: the three interrelated strands of the Australian Curriculum: English. Because Literacy is a core General Capability identified across the entire Australian Curriculum, our focus encompasses all literacies.

About CBCA

The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is a not for profit organisation which aims to engage the community with literature for young Australians. The CBCA presents annual awards to books of literary merit, for outstanding contribution to Australian children's literature. Established in 1945, the Children’s Book Council of Australia was founded at a time when Australian children’s books were few, and Australian authors and illustrators were virtually unknown. In 1946 the CBCA established annual book awards to promote books of high literary and artistic quality. These awards are now the most influential and highly respected in Australia. Each year, across Australia, the CBCA brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Book Week.