ESA survey: Understanding ICT in your school

Education Services Australia (ESA) is a national, not-for-profit company owned by Australian Education Ministers. ESA specialises in the planning, design and delivery of education technology products and service to support learning and teaching.

ESA is looking to better understand schools' use of ICT and their future needs. It is undertaking market research with educators from across the country to understand how to effectively and sustainably deliver ICT products and services that provide measurable outcomes for schools, teachers and students.

ESA is seeking your perspective on what good education technology should look like, as well as the barriers and enablers to effectively using ICT.

Children at school and looking down to a screen

The purpose of these surveys is to better understand:

  • How ICT is used in schools
  • How ICT is identified, selected and managed
  • The barriers and enablers to effective ICT use
  • Perspectives on how ICT could better support teaching and learning.

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Contribute your views

To gather your perspectives ESA has developed surveys:

Principals and Deputy Principals Survey >

Teachers Survey >

Each survey will take no longer than 10 minutes. It will be open until 29 February 2016. All responses will remain anonymous.

Teacher showing a small group an image on Saturn on an iPad

As a thank you for your participation, ESA are offering all those who complete the survey entry in a prize draw to win a $250 voucher.