Using metalanguage to talk about writing - Prof Debra Myhill

Debra Myhill

5 Hours

NESA accredited

Available year round

Online unmoderated course


What is this course about?

In this course, teachers develop an understanding of how teacher-led or student-led metalinguistic talk can support students to make better language choices when writing. Metalinguistic understanding is closely linked to the study of grammar. By developing metalinguistic awareness, teachers can consciously analyse and discuss grammatical structures, such as sentence formation, word choice, punctuation, and syntax.

This course will support teachers to use metalanguage to evaluate the use of language techniques, rhetorical devices, and genre-specific conventions employed by authors to further analyse textual concepts. This course has a practical focus on planning a learning sequence to use mentor texts and utilising metalinguistic talk to support students to make better language choices when writing.  

Why participate?

  • Define and apply metalinguistic understanding.
  • Plan writing lessons to foster understanding of language choices.
  • Understand the grammar-writing connection
  • Generate metalinguistic talk in the literacy classroom.?
  • Model, scaffold and jointly construct model texts for teaching.

Who should participate?

  • Teachers - Years F-6
  • Literacy leaders

How does it work?

  • Individuals: upon registration individuals will be sent a link to access the PL on our online learning platform.
  • Whole schools: One staff member must register on behalf of their school and then email us the names and email addresses of teachers they wish to enrol. 


Cost of participation




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This course is NESA Approved

Completing this course will provide 5 hours of F2F Professional Learning, addressing 2.5.2, and 3.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.



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