Explained: PETAA professional learning online

PETAA proudly offers a range of online professional learning courses for teachers. The majority are self-paced, and all are carefully curated by and planned by expert facilitators.

Below, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our online professional learning to help you feel confident in enrolling in a course. 

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1— What does 'self-paced' mean?

Each of our online professional learning courses are available to access in monthlong blocks. You can complete the course material during that month at a time that best suits you, day or night, and at the pace you can give - whether it's all at once, or over a few different days.

2— What is the difference between 'moderated' and 'unmoderated' courses?

Moderated courses are facilitated by an expert presenter. Participants can engage with the presenter in a written forum, ask questions and seek clarification on course content. They may also have the opportunity to engage with other course participants in discussion and reflections. Unmoderated courses are content-focused only. There is no interaction with the presenter. 

3— What can I expect from online moderated courses?

When you log in to view the course at PETAA College – our online learning platform – you’ll see a series of modules. Some will involve readings, others will include videos; many feature a mix of both. You’ll move through the reading/watching and complete activities as sequenced by our expert facilitators. You will be able to have discussions with the facilitators and share ideas with fellow course attendees as you progress. Some presenters offer optional live tutorials via Zoom. 

3— How many hours will my course take to complete?

PETAA Professional Learning courses range anywhere from one to twelve hours. You can find the hours of each course on our listings pages

4— What kind of topics are covered in PETAA online learning courses?

You can find all current online professional learning courses listed on our professional learning page. However, here are a few of the topic areas for which we have online professional learning courses:

English language and sentence grammar
Supporting struggling readers
Joint construction of texts
Supporting EAL/D students
Literacy teaching for beginning teachers
Phonics instruction
Visual literacy and multimodal texts
Spelling instruction
The explicit teaching of writing
Teaching grammar with literature

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