PETAA Strategic Plan 2020–2022

VISION: To be the national leader in primary school English and literacies across the curriculum connecting research and practice.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: A powerful literacy education for every young Australian — supporting educators to be expert teachers of English and literacy.


  • Continual
  • Professional
  • Growth


Goal: Provide professional learning and resources for both teachers and leaders that focuses on cultivating best practice in literacy.


1.1  Provide professional learning and resources to teachers across their career stages, utilising a range of delivery modes, including face-to-face, online, conferences and intensives.
1.2  Provide tailored professional learning and resources to individual schools and networks of schools to address their specific contextual and system priorities.
1.3  Provide support to teachers and schools to identify resources, strategies and expert knowledge needed to achieve their literacy goals.



Goal: Build expertise to strengthen the profession with respect to the teaching of English and literacy by connecting them with relevant research and quality resources.


2.1  Deliver publications, based on a range of sound evidence, that enhance English and literacy practice.
2.2  Foster and strengthen partnerships, professional networks, and learning communities within and beyond PETAA.



Goal: Advocate for and promote the national profile of the primary English and literacy teaching profession.


3.1  Advocate the importance of evidence-based pedagogy in English and literacy.
3.2  Seek out and strengthen connections with decision-makers to advocate for and lift the status of the English teacher profession.
3.3  Continue to support and champion teachers of English and literacy.