About The PETAA Literacy Resources Portal for Early Career Teachers

We know that many teachers report feeling overworked and under-resourced, especially when they are just starting out.

The PETAA Literacy Resources Portal for Early Career Teachers is your defense against burnout and your touchstone for continual professional development.

It provides practical, accessible and tangible support for primary teachers like you who are new to, or early in, their primary teaching career.

The site contains a wealth of contemporary, evidence-based guidance and practical assistance for giving students a meaningful education in English, language, and literacies - information, articles, instructional video examples, and teaching and learning materials across the spectrum of English, language and literacies.

Each resource on the portal is created by English and literacy teaching experts – experienced teachers and school leaders, academics, literacy consultants – and together create a compendium of essential information a new teacher can turn to as they embark on their teaching career.

About us

The Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA) is a national, not for profit industry body, supporting primary educators across the country in their teaching of English and literacies.

Now in our 50th year, we have members in over 3500 schools around Australia and support our diverse membership to deliver a powerful literacy education for all learners. 

PETAA contributes to and expands the field  of literacy and English education just as much as we help educators to navigate it, by funding ground-breaking research, publishing award-winning reference books that focus on best-practice, evidence-based pedagogy, and investing in new resources for teachers that will help their students build a better future.