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Open Access Teaching Resources

Below you can find a sample of PETAA teaching resources that we make open access and freely available. PETAA members gain access to over 100 PETAA Papers (3 new published each year), 400+ teaching units (30 new published each year), 70+ on demand webinars (15 new published each year) and book chapter samples from all our back catalogue of books (3 new published each year). Sign up now to dive into this rich, quality-assured and evidence-informed bank of resources, designed explicitly to support primary educators in the classroom.

Literacy Resources Portal for Early Career Teachers

This practical one-stop website contains rigorously selected and curated insights, resources and materials to support primary school teachers in the areas of English, language, and literacies. 

PETAA blog


Resource roundups, tips and hints from PETAA experts.

PETAA Papers


PETAA PAPER 221 — Reading models: putting the jigsaw together

Posted on 12/11/2020
This PETAA Paper in 2020 by Bronwyn Parkin, aimed at education students and early career teachers, outlines the place of reading and writing in language development, to then provide an overview of a range of reading models.


PETAA PAPER 209 — Understanding research and evidence: a guide for teachers

Posted on 4/12/2017
This PETAA paper by Susan Feez and Robyn Cox in 2017 explores what is meant by evidence, data, research and methodology, to then consider how teachers might best use research evidence for improved language and literacy outcomes.


PETAA PAPER 181 — When image and text meet: Teaching with visual and multimodal texts

Posted on 15/05/2012
This PETAA Paper by Jon Callow explores multimodality, with a focus on image and text; reviews key visual metalanguage; demonstrates how to plan modelled viewing lessons; and presents examples of annotated images to guide classroom practice.

Teaching Units of Work


Bev and Kev

Posted on 24/04/2023
A book from the 2023 CBCA Shortlist for Years F-2, linking to the Australian Curriculum: English; Health & Physical Education; Arts (Visual Arts; Drama), and Critical & Creative Thinking.


Just One Bee

Posted on 22/05/2022
In the teachers’ guide to the 2022 CBCA Short List, an Australian Curriculum: English unit of work for Year 4, with links to Arts (Drama), Science and HASS


Worse Things

Posted on 22/05/2021
In the teachers’ guide to the 2021 CBCA Short List, an Australian Curriculum: English unit of work for Years 5 and 6, based on the book by Sally Murphy and Illustrated by Sarah Davis.

On Demand Webinars


Using a full heart to plan with the Australian Curriculum: English

Posted on 21/09/2023
Get a sneak-peek inside the PETAA 2023 Conference as we are joined by featured conference speaker Dr Bree Hurn for an overview of a productive planning approach to working with the AC:E.


Teaching language, phonics and play with picture books

Posted on 31/08/2023
Discover the journey of a picture book from creation through to the classroom. We speak with Anna Walker, award-winning author and illustrator, about her CBCA-shortlisted picture book Snap!


Types of literary texts—with Dr Lorraine McDonald

Posted on 24/11/2021
Join us in conversation with Dr Lorraine McDonald, author of the essential PETAA reference text 'A Literature Companion for Teachers', as she takes us on a tour of the diverse literary smorgasbord of children’s books.

PETAA Book Chapters


Systematic and explicit phonics instruction

Posted on 19/09/2023
This chapter, taken from award-winning text 'The alphabetic principle and beyond', looks at systematic and explicit phonics instruction in the primary classroom.


Assessment of Spelling

Posted on 19/09/2023
This chapter, taken from Grace Oakley and Janet Fellowes' 'A Closer Look at Spelling in the Primary Classroom', investigates assessment purposes and strategies for spelling, providing a case study.


Exploring poetry through imagination, emotion, craft and complexity

Posted on 17/09/2023
This short article and infographic demonstrates how teachers can engage students in poetry in a pleasurable and meaningful way.

Project 40: Video essays

Video essays on a range of English and literacy topics, supported by key PETAA references — ideal for teachers' professional development. 

Resources for Reconciliation

Resources in one place for teaching and learning that relate to the cross-curriculum priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

Author and illustrator school visits

Authors in Schools: The Guide

comprehensive guide for writers and valuable reference for educators and teachers

Authors in schools units of work

Units of work with linked video conference excerpts of authors presenting in schools