Teaching Units: CBCA Awards

 Every year, PETAA creates quality units of work on all primary-age books that are shortlisted for the prestigious Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards. These units are created by literacy experts, using evidence-based pedagogies and are designed with a busy classroom teacher in mind. They incorporate highlighted examples for close reading activities, as well as word recognition, phonic knowledge and spelling, plus a plethora of ways to use the book with your students for speaking, writing and creating. All activities are linked to the Australian Curriculum: English.

2022 Winners announced!


View teaching units of work for the winning, honours, and shortlisted books in categories focused on primary-aged readers!!

You can view the full shortlist on the CBCA website.


The Teachers' Guide to Exploring the 2021 CBCA Book of the Year Awards

Access the PETAA Teacher's Guide to Exploring the 2021 CBCA Shortlist, with teaching units of work based on books for children and young readers. Explore old worlds, new worlds, and other worlds.


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With the Book Week theme in 2020 of Curious Creatures and Wild Minds — discover a rich array of Australian curriculum-based units of work, with a reach from English across learning areas in the 2020 PETAA Teacher's Guide to the CBCA Book of the Year Awards.


Bring the sweep of Australian lives and stories to your classroom. Explore the 2019 list with rich classroom units of work in the year of the book week theme ‘Reading is my Secret Power’.


Units of work for all primary shortlisted texts, with links from English to The Arts, HASS, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics and Science. Find your treasure in 2018 CBCA shortlisted books.


Discover quality PETAA classroom units across the prize categories for 2017, with connections from English to Arts (Visual arts and Drama), Humanities and Social Sciences (History and Geography), Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science and Technologies.


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Find classroom units of work all the shortlisted books for the 2016 CBCA Book of the Year Awards with links to teach across the curriculum from English, to HASS, Mathematics, Art, HPE and Science.


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Rich resources in curriculum-based classroom units of work from Foundation to Years 7 and 8 for books in six prize categories, including links from English to Geography, History, Mathematics and Science. 2015 Guide >


Rich learning in a collection of units from Foundation to Year 8 that together cover 160 content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: English with links also to Art, Geography, History, Mathematics and Science. 2014 Guide >


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Units of work across year levels linked to the Australian Curriculum and NSW syllabus for Younger Readers, Early Childhood, Picture Book of the Year, and the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books. 2013 Guide >


Units of work across all five categories of the CBCA Awards Short List for PETAA members or purchase, with a sample open access unit of work in each prize category. The first digital version of the guide. 2012 Guide >


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Download the 2011 Guide below (.pdf 2.6 MB).


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Download the 2010 Guide below (.pdf 1.8 MB).


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Download the 2009 Guide below (.pdf 2.8 MB).

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