Teaching Units: CBCA Shortlist 2022

Every year, PETAA creates quality units of work on all primary-age books that are shortlisted for the prestigious Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards. These units are created by literacy experts, using evidence-based pedagogies and are designed with a busy classroom teacher in mind. They incorporate highlighted examples for close reading activities, as well as word recognition, phonic knowledge and spelling, plus a plethora of ways to use the book with your students for speaking, writing and creating. All activities are linked to the Australian Curriculum: English.

Book of the Year: Younger Readers

Sillhouette of a girl and rabbit under a tree at dusk on book cover for Aster's Good, Right Things

HONOURS: Dragon Skin

Karen Foxlee
Unit: Years 5 & 6

The Detective's Guide to Ocean Travel

Nicki Greenberg
Unit: Years 3-4

A sillhouette of a girl and dog on a lookout ledge on the cover of the Book of Chance

Huda and Me

H. Hayek
Unit: Years 3 & 4

WINNER! A Glasshouse of Stars: OPEN ACCESS UNIT

Shirley Marr
Unit: Years 5-6

Exit Through the Gift Shop 

Maryam Master and Astred Hicks
Unit: Years 5-6

HONOURS: Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief

Katrina Nannestad
Unit: Years 5-6

Book of the Year: Early Childhood

When the Waterhole Dries Up

Kaye Baillie and Max Hamilton
Unit: Years 1 & 2

What Do you Call Your Grandma? 

Ashleigh Barton and Martina Heiduczek
Unit: Years F-2

HONOURS: Walk of the Whales

Nick Bland
Unit: Years F-2

HONOURS: Amira's Suitcase

Vikki Conley and Nicky Johnston
Unit: Years F-2


Andrea Rowe and Hannah Sommerville
Unit: Years 1-2

Winston and the Indoor Cat

Leila Rudge
Unit: Years F-1

Picture Book of the Year

The Boy and the Elephant 

Freya Blackwood
Unit: Years 3-4

Blue Flower

Gabriel Evans and Sonya Harnett
Unit: Years F-2

HONOURS: Stellarphant

James Foley
Unit: Years F - 2

The Inheritance

Armin Greder
Unit: Years 5-6

HONOURS: Just One Bee

Christopher Nielsen, Margrete Lamond & Anthony Bertini
Unit: Year 4

WINNER!: Iceberg

Jess Racklyeft and Claire Saxby
Unit: Year 3

Eve Pownall Award for Information Books

WINNER!: Still Alive, Notes from Australia’s Immigration Detention System

Safdar Ahmed
Book review & related units

HONOURS: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Peculiar Pairs in Nature

Sami Bayly
Unit: Year 4

Book of Curious Birds

Jennifer Cossins
Unit: Year 3

Walking in Gagudju Country: Exploring the Monsoon Forest

Diane Lucas, Ben Tyler and Emma Long
Unit: Years 2-4

The First Scientists: Deadly Inventions and Innovations from Australia’s First Peoples

Corey Tutt and Blak Douglas
Unit: Year 5

HONOURS: Heroes, Rebels and Innovators

Karen Wyld and Jaelyn Biumaiwai
Unit: Years 5-6

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