Classroom Talk

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Additional support for educators using the PETAA publication Classroom Talk: Understanding dialogue, pedagogy and practice by Christine Edwards-Groves, Michèle Anstey and Geoff Bull.

What is classroom talk?

In times of curriculum change, a book describing the importance of classroom talk, and how talk shapes the learning encountered in lessons, is both necessary and timely.

The role of talk is often overlooked as a key element of effective pedagogy. This book will show how classroom practice unfolds in the dimensions of the language used in classrooms, the activities encountered in classroom literacy learning and the relational arrangements for teaching and learning.

This web page offers additional support for working with the print and eBook versions of Classroom Talk. It includes information on practical strategies for opening up the dialogic spaces in classroom practice for learning focused talk and reflection, phases in literacy lessons and advice on improving classroom talk practises.

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For members: See also PETAA Paper 195: Talk moves: A repertoire of practices for productive classroom dialogue, by Christine Edwards-Groves