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PETAA PAPER 223 — We’re going on a ... Quest!

Date of Publication: 28/07/2021
This PETAA Paper in 2021 by Dr Lorraine (Lorri) Beveridge provides the overview, schema and curriculum-based teaching activities, focussing on four quality children’s books, to build learning around the narrative structure and excitement of the quest

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PETAA Paper 210 (non-members sample)— Using children's picture books to support EAL/D students

Date of Publication: 27/07/2020
Non-Members SAMPLE download: This PETAA paper by Janet Fellowes in 2017 explores the value of quality picture books in the English language classroom, drawing together principles for teaching EAL/D students.

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PETAA PAPER 215 — Let’s Write a Unit

Date of Publication: 24/05/2019
This PETAA Paper by Michael Murray and Dr Lorraine Beveridge in 2019 includes exemplars and downloadable resources and outlines a collaborative process to write a unit of work based on a quality text and tailored to student needs.

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PETAA PAPER 211 — The Power of Teacher Talk: Developing quality mentoring relationships

Date of Publication: 16/04/2018
This PETAA Paper by Gill Pennington and Margaret Turnbull in 2018 explores ways of improving the quality of mentoring relationships in schools by focusing on professional dialogue, extending understandings of the value of talk in the classroom ...

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PETAA PAPER 206 — Two weeks with Oliver Jeffers

Date of Publication: 16/03/2017
This PETAA Paper by Robyn Ewing, Kathy Rushton and Jon Callow in 2017 uses an author study of Oliver Jeffers to explore playing with language, exploratory talk, storytelling, drawing and sharing contemporary literature as part of early literacy ...

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PETAA PAPER 204 — Building bridges: Dramatic dialogue in early childhood classes

Date of Publication: 18/08/2016
This PETAA Paper by Annette Harden in 2016 describes an approach to pedagogy in early childhood classrooms that introduces children to literacy through engaging them with guided drama and puppetry experiences.

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PETAA PAPER 197 — Responding to literature: Talking about books in Literature Circles

Date of Publication: 10/11/2014
This PETAA Paper revisits Literature Circles to provide strong support for teachers looking to find a way to embed informed appreciation of literary texts in English programs which align with the Australian Curriculum.

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PETAA PAPER 190 — Literacy within, across and beyond the curriculum

Date of Publication: 30/08/2013
This PETAA Paper by Lorrae Ward in 2013 argues that to ignore the rich learning experiences beyond the school gates and outside the curriculum is to trivialise the world young people inhabit and risk making school irrelevant.

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