Exploring the 2013 CBCA Short List

The PETAA Teachers’ Guide to the CBCA Book of the Year Awards

Classroom units of work with Australian Curriculum and NSW syllabus links across the prize categories of Book of the Year: Younger Readers, Book of the Year: Early Childhood, Picture Book of the Year, and the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books. Access the Introduction. See also other CBCA Guides.

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Note that books shortlisted for Book of The Year: Older Readers in 2013 were suitable only for mature readers. Links below are to publisher's book pages. Units for older readers can be found in Literature Singles.

Book of the Year: Younger Readers

The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk
Book cover with a girl by a tree under an umbrella

Glenda Millard
Years 4–6 |  Sample

Pennies for Hitler

 Book cover with a young boy and scenes of the Reichstag, Berlin

Jackie French
Years 5–6 |  Unit

Other Brother

 Book cover showing a boy holding an envelope behind his back

Simon French
Years 5–6 | Unit


 Book cover with scene of winter trees and snow

Morris Gleitzman
Years 5–6 | Unit

Pookie Aleera is Not my Boyfriend

 Book cover title on yellow background with an apple core

Steven Herrick
Years 5–6 | Unit

Children of the King

 Book cover with children

Sonya Hartnett
Years 5–6 | Unit

Book of the Year: Early Childhood


 Book cover with a street scene and umbrellas in the rain

Anna Walker
Years F–1 |  Unit

The Terrible Suitcase
Book cover with title and a child carrying a suitcase

Emma Allen and Freya Blackwood
Years F–1 | Unit

With Nan
Book cover showing a child and grandparent

Tania Cox and Karen Blair
Years F–1 | Unit

The Pros & Cons of Being a Frog

Book cover with a little girl and a frog

Sue DeGennaro
Years F–1 |  Unit

Too Many Elephants in This House
Book cover with a boy outside a house full of elephants
Ursula Dubosarsky and Andrew Joyner
Years F–1 | Unit

It’s a Miroocool!

Book cover with a girl skipping in a field

Christine Harris and Ann James
Years F–1 | Unit

Picture Book of the Year

Book cover with an image of an island and a wave

Vivienne Goodman and Margaret Wild
Years 2–4 | Unit

Sophie Scott Goes South
Book cover featuring images of orange antarctic vessels on blue background

Alison Lester
Years 2–4 | Unit

Herman and Rosie

Book cover with title and illustration on a record slip cover

Gordon Gus
Years 2–4 | Unit

The Coat
Book cover showing a boy flying among stars

Ron Brooks and Julie Hunt
Years 4–6 | Unit

Lightning Jack​
Book cover with a rearing horse and a red sky
Patricia Mullins and Glenda Millard
Years 3–5 | Unit

A Day to Remember
Book cover drawing with a man and child in his arms reading names on the Anzac memorial

Mark Wilson and Jackie French
Years 3–5 |  Unit

Eve Pownall Award for Information Books

Portrait of Spain for Kids
Book cover with a woman wearing a gold embroidered costume holding a cameo

Queensland Art Gallery
Years 4–6 |  Unit


 Book cover showing a python on a branch

Christopher Cheng and Mark Jackson
Years 3–4 |  Unit

Lyrebird! A True Story
Book cover featuring a lyerbird with its plumage on displa

Jacki Kerin and Peter Gouldthorpe
Years 3–4 |  Unit

Tom the Outback Mailman
Book cover with drawing of Tom the mailman in his truck

Kristin Weidenbach and Timothy Ide
Years 3–4 | Unit

Topsy-turvy World

 Book cover featuring an emu and other Australian native animals

Kirsty Murray
Years 5–6 | Unit

Note: Books in the Older Readers category in 2013 were only suitable for mature readers. Links below are to the publisher's page for each book. Units of work for older readers can be found in Literature Singles.

Book of The Year: Older readers

The Ink Bridge
Neil Grant
Allen & Unwin

The Shiny Guys
Doug McLeod
Penguin Books

The Wrong Boy
Suzy Zail
Walker Books

Creepy & Maud
Dianne Touchell
Fremantle Press

Friday Brown
Vikki Wakefield
Text Publishing

Sea Hearts
Margo Lanagan
Allen & Unwin

The PETAA Teachers’ Guide to the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards

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