Notre Dame Assigned Book Set ePub

Notre Dame University Students Only

Assigned set of Texts (ePub) and PETAA Papers for Notre Dame Students

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Assigned Texts ePub Format (link to download will be emailed):

  • Where do I start: stimulating ideas for literacy-rich primary classrooms ePub, by Robyn Wild
  • A new grammar companion for teachers ePub, by Beverly Derewianka
  • The alphabetic principle and beyond: surveying the landscape ePub, by Robyn Cox, Lorraine Beveridge and Susan Feez
  • A literature companion for teachers, 2nd edition ePub, by Lorraine McDonald
  • PETAA Papers Print format (PETAA Paper will be mailed):

  • PP189 - The Literacy of Geography
  • PP190 - Literacy within, across and beyond the curriculum
  • PP198 - The Literacy of History
  • PP208 - The literacy of Mathematics
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