eBook - A new grammar companion for teachers 3rd Ed

eBook - A new grammar companion for teachers 3rd Ed

A new grammar companion for teachers

By Beverly Derewianka

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A new grammar companion for teachers is an indispensable reference and guide for both primary and secondary teachers, providing reassurance and support for educators as they introduce students to the fascinating workings of grammar.

Now in its third edition, A new grammar companion for teachers will familiarise teachers with the basics of the English grammatical system. As well as employing standard grammatical terminology that will already be familiar to teachers and the community, the book also uses terms that allow for a more functional interpretation of the ways that language functions within our lives. It organises grammatical concepts according to how they construct meaning in context: expressing ideas, connecting ideas, interacting with others and creating coherent texts. This illuminating approach frames grammar as a resource – an array of possibilities from which learners can make the most appropriate selection to generate and interpret meanings.

With new fresh, contemporary design to guide educators seamlessly through the important information within, this new edition of the book also includes language that has been updated to reflect how we communicate in 2022.

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Language for expressing ideas
Chapter 3 Connecting ideas
Chapter 4 Language for interacting with others
Chapter 5 Creating cohesive texts
Chapter 6 Revisiting the functions of language

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