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Below you can find the full PETAA catalogue of publications, including our entire library of books and papers that are available to purchase. Our books from the last 10 years are available in both print and eBook versions. You can scroll through the list, or use the search function to find the specific text you are looking for. If you have any problems or queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

Due to significant delays with Australia Post, we recommend that if you are living in Denmark, you purchase your preferred texts in ePub format.

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Black Friday Special BundleLeading researchers and educators23/11/2021$356.15$547.85View/BuyPETSET023BOOK
First Nations students and the English curriculum areaDenise Angelo, Jasmine Seymour, Sally Dixon22/11/2021$3.50$7.00View/BuyPP224PEN
eBook - Transforming practiceHelen Adam19/11/2021$21.90$33.70View/BuyPET128EDIGITAL
Transforming practiceHelen Adam18/11/2021$29.25$44.95View/BuyPET128BOOK
Celebrating LiteratureLeading researchers and educators6/09/2021$105.00$105.00View/BuyPETSET018BOOK
Literacy through the artsLeading researchers and educators6/09/2021$57.00$57.00View/BuyPETSET019BOOK
Exploring texts/ Working with textsLeading researchers and educators6/09/2021$89.00$89.00View/BuyPETSET020BOOK
New teacher essentials packLeading researchers and educators6/09/2021$139.00$139.00View/BuyPETSET021BOOK
Teaching the early yearsLeading researchers and educators6/09/2021$39.00$39.00View/BuyPETSET022BOOK
We’re going on a…QUEST!Lorraine Beveridge10/08/2021$3.50$7.00View/BuyPP223PEN
Teaching poetry for pleasure and purposeDr Sally Murphy9/08/2021$25.95$39.95View/BuyPET127BOOK
eBook - Teaching poetry for pleasure and purposeDr Sally Murphy26/07/2021$19.45$29.95View/BuyPET127EDIGITAL
Edith Cowan Assigned Book Set (2)Leading researchers and educators6/07/2021$45.95$45.95View/BuyPETSET118BOOK
Writing EssentialsLeading researchers and educators12/05/2021$79.00$79.00View/BuyPETSET011BOOK
Writing: Diving deeperLeading researchers and educators12/05/2021$195.00$195.00View/BuyPETSET012BOOK
Grammar EssentialsLeading researchers and educators12/05/2021$67.00$67.00View/BuyPETSET013BOOK
Grammar: Diving DeeperLeading researchers and educators12/05/2021$125.00$125.00View/BuyPETSET014BOOK
EAL/D EssentialsLeading researchers and educators12/05/2021$65.00$65.00View/BuyPETSET015BOOK
EAL/D: Diving deeperLeading researchers and educators12/05/2021$139.00$139.00View/BuyPETSET016BOOK
Language of Science EssentialsLeading researchers and educators12/05/2021$69.00$69.00View/BuyPETSET017BOOK
Teaching the language of climate change science in years 6/7Louise Kelly & Michael Cannavan23/03/2021$3.50$7.00View/BuyPP222PEN
Teaching the language of climate change scienceJulie Hayes and Bronwyn Parkin22/03/2021$25.95$39.95View/BuyPET126BOOK
eBook - Teaching the language of climate change scienceJulie Hayes and Bronwyn Parkin22/03/2021$19.45$29.95View/BuyPET126EDIGITAL
Edith Cowan Assigned Book SetLeading researchers and educators9/12/2020$76.50$76.50View/BuyPETSET010BOOK
An EAL/D HandbookHelen Harper and Susan Feez7/12/2020$29.25$44.95View/BuyPET125BOOK

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