Writing for PETAA


PETAA publications are classroom-focused and well grounded in good pedagogy supporting best quality classroom teaching and learning practice. PETAA publications are suitable for use by classroom teachers, pre-service teachers and teacher educators.

PETAA’s range of publications, offered in print or digital form, include high quality books, PETAA Papers (formerly known as PENs and e:updates) and other publications that lead the field in Australian English and literacy education. Many PETAA publications have gained a reputation worldwide and a number of titles have been published overseas as international editions.

Each year, PETAA publishes:
  • at least three teacher professional reference books, often with website support (see Publications)
  • five PETAA Papers, which are a compilation of practical, classroom-focused articles focusing on a specific aspect of English teaching, and published as a short eight-page article with a maximum word count of 3,500 words
  • an annual Teachers’ Guides to the CBCA Shortlist
  • a variety of other short website-only classroom resources created by teachers for teachers, highlighting good classroom practice.


Please download the following guidelines and proposal forms if you are interested in submitting a proposal for a book, PETAA Paper or other publication. If you have an idea for a shorter article that could appear on the website (Teacher Resources), then just send an email outlining your idea to publishing@petaa.edu.au