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Support your continual professional growth with our PETAA books and publications. Your teaching expertise will deepen through your application of the teacher standards and illustrations of practice —broadening your connection to PETAA’s rich content.

We have mapped and linked some recent editions of our PETAA Papers collection and likewise mapped eight of our books by chapter (choosing popular titles from the backlist) to the seven AITSL Teacher Standards across the three teaching domains of Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement. As a PETAA Professional Member you have access through this lens to a rich matrix — our resources, the standards themselves and authentic illustrations of practice, to better understand, by examples, how teaching standards can be related to publications and to support your performance and development processes as a teacher.

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If you haven’t already done so, use the Teacher Self-Assessment Tool (Teacher SAT) at AITSL to assess yourself against a series of statements that reflect the practices of teachers across different career stages.

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Curating PETAA content to Professional Standards for Teachers allows us to support teachers and schools in accreditation and planning, and in our own understanding of the evolving professional needs of our members.

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Becoming a meaning maker: Talk and interaction in the dialogic classroom

Becoming a Meaning Maker

Christine Edwards-Groves and Christina Davidson

Teacher standards by chapter

Inspiring Writing in Primary Schools

Inspiring Writing in Primary Schools

Liz Chamberlain

Teacher standards by chapter

Assessment into Practice

Assessment into Practice

Edited by Heather Fehring

Teacher standards by chapter

Beyond the Script, Take 3: Drama in the English and literacy classroom

Beyod the Script Tke 3 cover linked to webstore

Robyn Ewing, et al

Teacher standards by chapter

Scaffolding: Teaching and learning in language and literacy education


Jennifer Hammond

Teacher standards by chapter

Designing Learning for Diverse Classrooms

Designing Learning for Diverse Classrooms book cover

Paul Dufficy

Teacher standards by chapter

Exploring How Texts Work

Exploring How Texts Work book cover

Beverly Derewianka

Teacher standards by chapter

Text Next: Resources for Literacy Learning

Text Next

Annah Healy & Eileen Honan (editors)

Teacher standards by chapter