Looking back, moving forward

PETAA is a leading association for primary educators in Australia, and one of the largest. First formed in 1972, we have built from humble beginnings to become a trusted source of resources, reference texts, professional development courses, and more. In the past 50 years, PETAA has grown and changed significantly, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our advocacy and professional support for teachers. That's why, in this milestone anniversary, we want to both look back and move forward by honouring our collected expertise, sharing insights in easy and accessible ways, and showing our deep gratitude to the education community with new resources, new opportunities to learn, and 50 gifts for 50 years!

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50 gifts for 50 years!

Gifts of the week - 8th December 2022

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Previous gifts of the week: 

 • Gift 49: Launching our new book: The potential of the visual: teaching literacy with multimodal texts by Jennifer Asha!
 • Gift 48: Exclusive launch of our new PETAA paper!
 • Gift 46 & 47: Two giveaways! Enter the draw to win a children's book pack - one consisting of picture books, the other of chapter books!
 • Gift 45:  A brand new teaching unit of work for early childhood!
 • Gift 44:  You can register for the on-demand access to view the PETAA Leading with Literacy Conference 2022!
 • Gifts 42 & 43:  We announced the winners of the PETAA Awards for Excellence in Primary English Teaching and a video reveal of 50 years of PETAA !
 • Gift 41:  We offered an exclusive sneak peek of our new teacher resource reference text!
 • Gift 40:  We offered our newsletter subscribers the chance to win one of two free online passes for our PETAA Leading with Literacy Conference 2022!
 • Gift 39:  We announced the shortlists for the PETAA Awards for Excellence in Primary English Teaching!
 • Gift 38:  We asked you to tell us what you're hoping to achieve with your students in Term 4 to enter the draw to win 4 children's books from CSIRO Publishing!
 • Gift 37: We announced the 2022 PETAA Research Grant Project and its recipients!
 • Gift 36: We gave away two mystery book packs containing 4 titles from the PETAA Bookshop!
 • Gift 35: We published a guide to rich texts for supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in the English and literacies classroom!
 • Gift 34: We published a premium teaching unit of work: Katerina Cruickshanks, which serves as a gentle introduction to gender and identity for young readers!
 • Gift 33: We shared a guide to 11 culturally diverse texts which foster intercultural understanding!
 • Gift 32: We shared our contribution to the 2022 Literature Symposium: Exploring Climate Fiction!!
 • Gift 31: We announced the release of PETAA Paper #226!
 • Gift 30: We announced the launch of A New Grammar Companion, 3rd edition!
 • Gift 29: We shared this webinar brought to us by Larrikin House: Exploring inclusive picture books — with Scott Stuart!
 • Gift 28: We announced the PETAA School Award for Excellence in Primary English Teaching!!
 • Gift 27: We created a guide to 10 books for exploring student wellbeing!
 • Gift 26: we gave away 5 packs of 10 PETAA sticky notes!
 • Gift 25: we announced the PETAA 50th anniversary celebration cocktails and dinner on October 21, 2022!
 • Gift 24: we gave away 4 mystery book packs for school libraries!
 • Gift 23: we announced the PETAA 50th anniversary celebration cocktails and dinner on October 21, 2022!
 • Gift 22: we created the opportunity for you to share student work with the PETAA community!
 • Gift 21: we created a video exploring key texts from the 2022 CBCA Notables and Short List!
 • Gift 20: we gave away 2 Booktopia Gift Certificates valued at $75.00 each!
 • Gift 19: we gave away 1 giant pack of 20 chapter books for young/young adult readers!
 • Gift 18: we launched the PETAA Award for Excellence in Primary English Teaching!
 • Gift 17: We offered free consultations with the PETAA team to make the most of a membership!
 • Gift 16: Networking events with drinks, nibbles and the brilliant Beverly Derewianka - register now!
 • Gift 15: 2 brand new teaching units as part of our Resources for Reconciliation!
 • Gift 14: The chance to win 1 of 10 copies of Teaching English Grammar: A handbook for Australian teachers!
 • Gift 13:  Two webinars with the new Australian Children's Laureate!
 • Gift 12: The opportunity to win to Allen & Unwin children's book packs!
 • Gift 11: 2 more brand-new literature-based teaching units of work for ANZAC Day!
 • Gift 10: 3 brand-new literature-based teaching units of work for ANZAC Day!
 • Gift 9: We launched PETAA Focused PD: a new way to learn on-demand!
 • Gift 8: 50 of our favourite Australian children's literature titles of the past 50 years! 
 • Gift 7: The opportunity for you to tell and share your story to improved student outcomes! 
 • Gift 6: A brand new form of short, high-impact professional learning that can be completed as a group: Staff Meeting Seminars
• Gift 5: Online attendance for up to 25 teachers at this year’s PETAA Leading With Literacy Conference: From babble to Batavia and beyond!
• Gift 4: An in-depth conversation with one of Australia's most popular children's writers and illustrators, Matt Stanton! 
• Gift 3: Two Officeworks vouchers worth $100 each!
 • Gift 2: Launch of the PETAA Literacy Resources Portal for early career teachers!
• Gift 1:
Mystery book packs for your classroom library, each with five contemporary Australian children's books!

Celebrating 50 by celebrating YOU

PETAA Literacy Resources Portal for Early Career Teachers
A new initiative as part of our 50th Anniversary Celebrations in 2022, the PETAA Literacy Resources Portal for Early Career Teachers is designed to save you precious time and stress! Visit the site to find practical, accessible and tangible support information (articles, instructional video examples, classroom teaching and learning materials and more) for primary teachers, particularly those who are new or early to their career.

PETAA Research Grant
The PETAA Research Grant (PRG) is a PETAA contribution to the development of leadership and expertise in English literacies across the curriculum that nurtues and evolves the diverse primary education community. The fourth round takes place in our 50th Anniversary year!

PETAA Award for Excellence in Primary Teaching
We are delighted to announce the inaugural PETAA Award for Excellence in Primary English Teaching. Nominations are open now for current and recent full- or part-time teachers of primary English teachers, and is also open to those in school leadership positions.

New Professional Learning
Staff Meeting Seminars and Focused PD are a brand new way to learn best practice strategies from the best of the best. Learn live or on-demand, individually or with your team - try a new way to complement and uplift your internal professional learning while being smart with your time.

Updated resources for Reconciliation Week and ANZAC Day
We're making new additions to PETAA's classic resource collections. Don't miss our five new teaching units of work in our Lest We Forget resources, or the two new units of work by First Nations authors as part of our Resources for Reconciliation.

2022 Leading with Literacy Conference 
From babble to Batavia and beyond. Join us online or in-person in October as we enter an exciting longitudinal journey of literacy development from earliest speech and phonemic awareness, through primary schooling to current expectations as students progress to  high school.

50th anniversary celebration dinner and networking events across Australia
Join us for a birthday celebration dinner featuring Jane Caro, or drinks, nibbles, and a presentation by legendary literacy expert Beverly Derewianka in these special networking events across Australia.