Online: Teaching media literacy F-6

Presented by Amanda Levido and Luke Zaphir. This course focusses on how to develop media literacy with primary school age students through an approach that encourages students to make and respond to everyday media practices in ways that promote critical thinking. The media literacy conceptual approach provides teachers and students with a framework to think about media. This course is different from many PETAA online courses in that it involves  practical engagement with activities, quizzes and tasks that will encourage you to think and that may model what you would do in your classroom. You will be actively involved in planning and creating.

Who should participate? 

 Teachers F-6 at all career stages including pre-service teachers 

Why participate?

 Participants will be guided through the media arts requirements of the Australian Curriculum, the key concepts and learning outcomes of media literacy, and pedagogical approaches to developing critical thinking-based lessons and syllabi. Teachers will be encouraged to produce their own media artwork as they progress throughout the course.

This course is self-paced

Please note: this course is available from 25/10/2021 to 22/11/2021. Extensions for Online: Teaching media literacy F-6 cannot be granted unless under exceptional circumstances at PETAA’s discretion. 

Cost of participation: 

Member $165
Student member $125
Non-member $245

Completing Teaching Media Literacy F-6 will contribute 5 hours of online learning addressing standards 1.2, 2.2, 2.6, 3.2, 5.1 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

25/10/2021 - 22/11/2021

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